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Looking for a reliable Singapore ceiling fan that suits your taste and interior décor? Want to ensure that you are not over paying for that ceiling fan of your choice? Then you are at the right place. At, you can find ceiling fans of your choice with prices starting from only $499. That’s a steal considering that most fans on this website are Amasco controlled models available only at their showroom and comes with 2 years warranty for parts, 1 year for service and LIFETIME for Fan Motor.

Our Range of Ceiling Fans

Whether you are looking for modern, beautifully designed ceiling fans, energy efficient ones or even a basic function fan, know that we have it all. Simply click the picture below to view the product range of your choice.

Ceiling Fan with Light

DCG336PT (With Light)

A ceiling fan with light can be a good alternative to spending large sums of money putting up false ceiling to house your lighting points. And with the wide range of ceiling fans with light on this site to choose from, you can be assure of choosing one which meets your needs and budget.

But can I find a trendy and beautiful ceiling fan with lights here? Yes, you definitely can. With the influx of many designer models into the Singapore ceiling fan market, plus Amasco’s own modern range of DC motor fans, finding one that suits your taste or décor is easy.

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Designer Ceiling Fan

Vento Libellula Red

Want an elegant designer ceiling fan? Than look no further, for at, you will find some of the most beautiful designer ceiling fans in Singapore, manufactured by Vento and distributed by Amasco, a pioneer Singapore ceiling fan brand, known for its exceptional quality and reliability.

Not only are these Vento designer ceiling fans modern and trendy, they are also blessed with powerful motors and/ or blades, specially designed to enhance air circulate within any room.

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Energy Saving (DC Motor) Ceiling Fan – Environmentally Green


Need a ceiling fan and want to save on electricity consumption as well? Then consider owning these DC motor powered energy saving fans distributed by Amasco.

Not only do these fans save you up to 95% in energy consumption, they are also designed to look deliberately simple and modern. They are thus able to go well with the décor of any modern home.

Best of all, these ceiling fans come with Amasco’s generous 2 year warranty for parts and LIFETIME warranty for motor, a sign that they exceptional reliable and built to last.

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The 54 inch Vento Uragano is ideal for anyone seeking an elegant, powerful yet quiet designer ceiling fan. Its modern chrome finish gives it an added touch of class, helping it to easily stand out in any home.

Vento Uragano Video

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The 13 inch Vento Fino/ Fino 2, at just 4.8 kg, is easily one of the smallest and coolest looking ceiling fan in its class. It is ideal for small spaces and thus is a fan worth considering given that space is a premium in Singapore these days.

Vento Fino Video

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